Continuing Professional Development Events 2018

CPD Policies and Procedures
Date Activity Theme CPD Units
Date Subspecialty & Sections Activity CPD Units
January 10-12 Society of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Philippines 14th Annual Convention  26.5
February 21-23 Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines 25th Annual Convention
March 12-13 Philippine Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition 13th Annual Convention
Date Activity Theme CPD Units
Northern Luzon
North Eastern Luzon
Central Luzon
Southern Tagalog
Central Visayas
Eastern Visayas
Negros Island
Western Visayas
North Central Mindanao
Davao Southern Mindanao
South Western Mindanao
Date Training Hospitals Activity CPD Units
January 24 Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital –
Department of Pediatrics
4th Pediatric Scientific Forum 9.0
January 25-26 UERM – Department of Pediatrics
June 6 De Los Santos Medical Center –
Department of Pediatrics
11th Scientific Symposium


Date Institution Activity CPD Units
May 23-24 Community Pediatric Society of the Philippines
June 19 First Integrated Pediatric Residency Training Program, Inc. Scientific Forum