55th PPS Annual Convention

April 8 - 11, 2018 @ Philippine International Convention Center


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Initial review of CPD units has been done. The verification process is ongoing. The release of PPS CPD units will be moves to June 1, 2018

Overall Chair

Alexander O. Tuazon, MD

The Board of Trustees is excited to welcome you to the 55th Annual Convention of the Philippine Pediatric Society on April 8-11, 2018 with the theme “The N.E.E.D. to Change: New, Evolving, Emerging Directions in Pediatrics” at the Philippine International Convention Center, Manila.

The Philippine Pediatric Society is committed to foster and maintain a high plane of professional skill in the practice of Pediatrics in the Philippines and the Annual Convention is the centerpiece of our Continuing Professional Development program. In this year’s Convention, the participants will enjoy a carefully prepared and excellent Scientific Program. Dr. Ma. Noemi V. Tanglao – Salazar, the Convention’s Over-all Chair, and her Organizing Committee, with the support of the University of Santo Tomas, have invited exemplary speakers on new and emerging health conditions and concerns that children, their parents and pediatricians are currently faced with.

We invite you to participate and enjoy the exchange of information, the timely pediatric practice updates, and the opportunity to meet colleagues and develop new and lasting professional relationships.

Alexander O. Tuazon, MD, MDE
Philippine Pediatric Society, Inc.

Overall Chair

Ma. Noemi V. Tanglao – Salazar, MD

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the 55th Annual Convention of the Philippine Pediatric Society to be held on April 8-11, 2018 with the theme “The N.E.E.D. to Change: New, Evolving, Emerging Directions in Pediatrics”.

The Scientific Program Committee has meticulously prepared very relevant topics that all of us involved in the management of pediatric illnesses, can learn from. The topics will include new and emerging children’s diseases as well as visit old ones which may present challenges in diagnosis and management. We have also invited noted speakers who will share with us their expertise and  experiences in the different pediatric disciplines.

The Organizing Committee hopes to see you during next year’s annual convention. Let us continue to enjoy the camaraderie among our peers while updating ourselves with current developments in the field of Pediatrics.

Hope to see you there!

Ma. Noemi V. Tanglao – Salazar, MD
Over-all Chair
55th Annual Convention

REMINDERS to all delegates

Luncheon Symposium on April 9 and 10, 2018

1. This is a strictly a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE conference to all duly
registered PPS convention attendees.
2. Venues will be open immediately after the plenary sessions end.
3. Signing of attendance and distribution of color coded tickets will
only be done once delegates are properly seated at the assigned venue.
Tickets will also serve as a meal stubs, should the delegate wish to
tranfer to another venue he/she should surrender his/her ticket to the
member of the luncheon sympo committee and fall in line again to
discourage switching of rooms.
4. For any questions and inquiries pls free to approach Luncheon Symposium
Committee team with the following dress code: Day 1 we will be wearing green
dress or shirt with yellow sash Day 1 we will be wearing purple or violet
still with yellow sash #OURPLEASURETOSERVEPPS@55th
5. See you all and thank you very much!

Committee on Satellite Symposium

Chair: Amelia G. Cunanan, MD
Co-Chair: Rosalina P. Anastacio, MD
Ma. Rhodora G. De Leon, MD
Agnes G. Falcotelo, MD
Helen E. Capuno, MD
Gingin M. Guinto, MD
Janet Marrianne G. Nierva, MD
Kathryn B. Braganza, MD
Maria Antonia Aurora M. Valencia, MD
Maria Theresa G. Cacas, MD
Vincent Michael R. Reyes, MD
Angelica Mae A. Hilario, MD
Michael Frederick O. Valera, MD

Overall Chair

Luncheon Symposium – DAY1

Overall Chair

Luncheon Symposium – DAY2

Deadline of Pre-Registration and Annual Dues: December 15, 2017

List of Pre-registered Delegates along with Registration Fee O.R. number, delegate’s full name, PRC number and email from the chapters forward to Secretariat Deadline January 15, 2018

APRIL 8-11, 2018

• Answer the NEED of continuing, collaborative, concerted and
cooperative action from all stakeholders upholding the best
interest of the child.

• Discuss NEW insights in the approach, management and prevention
of common pediatric disorders.
• Highlight EMERGING modalities of diagnosis and treatment that will
provide impact and influence in the promotion of pediatric health.
• Accentuate EVOLVING trends in pediatric healthcare at parity with
regional and global standards yet applicable in the local setting.
• Provide DIRECTIONS for specific and affirmative action relevant to
the pediatric healthcare agenda.

Sharing Best Practices: Guidelines and Recommendations
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
Clinically Challenging Cases
Year in Review
Screening In Pediatrics
Trending Topics In Pediatrics
Teen Health Talks
Emergency Encounters
PEDS101: Going Back To Basics
Leading Change In Wellness

Strengthening The Pediatrician’s Capacity in Tobacco Control
Youth Mental Health Crisis
Gut Microbiome and its Impact on Childhood Health
The Widening Scope of Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging
Hepatitis B Eradication: Vital Role of Pediatrician’s
Wounded Healers: Offering their Lives for a Cause

Overall Chair

Luncheon Symposium

Badge and Kit Retrieval Form

Badge and Kit Retrieval Form

Badge and Kit Retrieval Form

Badge and Kit Retrieval Form