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Fellowship Scholarship

Date – 1st, October 2017

ASEAN Pediatric Federation (APF) is calling for application of APF Fellowship Scholarship (2018).
Pediatricians (under 40 years old) from member countries are eligible to apply. The applicant has
to look for training institutions (first and second choice) before application. This fellowship
award will cover the expenses for overseas training. The deadline for application will be
31st December 2017. The selection process should be completed by the end of January 2018.

The applicants have to apply through the country’s society with the following documents:
a) The application form
b) A letter of intent from the host department/institution (first choice) to receive the
candidate for training.
c) Curriculum Vitae
d) Recommendation letter

The applicants should be screened by the respective countries before submission to the
APF Council for selection. The individual societies need to send documents of applicants
(maximum two applicants per country) by email to Prof. Kyaw Linn,secretary-general of APF

Training should start within 6 months from the date of the award (although this may
be extended by another 3 months if there are extenuating administrative and host
country registration delays).

Application Form (Download)