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Specialty Board

Deadline of Applications: 
Applicants for Diplomate: January 3, 2024 – January 19, 2024
Reclasssification for Fellow and Emeritus Fellow: January 22, 2024 – January 31, 2024


Applications shall be evaluated by the PPS Specialty Board and the corresponding certifying examinations administered twice a year.

All supporting documents must be submitted to the PPS Secretariat Office together with the appropriate PPS Application Form on or before January 31st / September 20th of every year.

These shall be the reference dates for the duration of training and years of practice. Failure to complete the appropriate forms and submit all supporting papers will cause the application to be disapproved.

Membership in the Philippine Pediatric Society shall be open to who have met all the requirements set by the Specialty Board, and will be subject to confirmation by the PPS Board of Trustees.

Upon completion of all requirements, a certificate shall be issued only after the Diplomate or Fellow has taken an oath under an officially designated Inducting Officer at a designated time and place. The effectivity of the Diplomate or Fellow status commences on the date signified in the certificate.


  1. Interval Between Examinations
    1. The interval between the written and oral examinations shall not exceed two (2) years. Beyond this, the Specialty Board shall decide on the candidate’s merit during its regular meeting.
    2. The interval between two (2) written examinations shall not exceed two (2) years.
    3. The interval between two (2) oral examinations shall not exceed one (1) year.
    4. All other cases shall be decided upon by the Specialty Board based on their merits during its regular meeting.
  2. Failures
    1. A candidate may take the written examination for three (3) times. Those with three (3) failures must earn 100 CPE Units excluding those from the PPS Annual Convention, before being allowed to take the written examination again. After the fourth failure, the candidate must earn 200 CPE Units excluding those from the PPS Annual Convention.
    2. A candidate may take the oral examination for three (3) times. Those with three (3) failures shall be required to take the written examination again.
    3. Any candidate desirous to take the above examinations more than the above prescribed number shall be decided on its merits by the Specialty Board during its regular meeting.
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