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Dengue Vaccine Update – 30 November 2017

FIRST official Announcement from PIDSP board regarding Dengue vaccine
after Sanofi release dated
30 November 2017:


New vaccines included in the PIDSP Childhood Immunization Schedule calendar are based on evidence current at the time of the review by the Committee on Immunization. These have been presented to the Stakeholders, including the PPS for approval prior to dissemination. However, as information about safety and efficacy of vaccines and guidelines relative to their administration continue to develop after a vaccine is licensed, these recommendations may change. With reference to the press statement entitled “Sanofi updates information on dengue vaccine” released 30 November 2017 (available at http://mediaroom.sanofi.com/sanofi-updates-information-on-dengue-vaccine ) PIDSP will continue to meet with DOH and other national regulatory agencies to provide guidance to clinicians, vaccinators, patients and their parents on the appropriate use of the Sanofi dengue vaccine.


Updated Questions and Answers related to information presented in the Sanofi Pasteur press release on 30 November 2017 with regards to the dengue vaccine Dengvaxia


Link for the Q&A on dengue vaccine