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Japan Pediatric Society- Training Program for Young Pediatricians



Dear All APPA member countries,


Greetings from the APPA Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur.


The APPA President, Dr. Aman Bakhti Pulungan had recently been invited by the Japan Pediatric Society (JPS) to talk about a grant to be given to young pediatricians from APPA affiliated countries who wish to train in Japanese medical institutes.


Dr. Ayu Utami, assistant to the APPA President said, JPS had decided to support and organise on-the-job training in Japan, for up to 2 people for 3 months.


Applicants must be certified physician under 40 years old nominated by the APPA affiliated national society and has the ability to communicate in English. There are a few requirements needed:


1. Application form (attached with this email)
2. CV
3. Recommendation letter from the president of applicant’s national pediatric society.

Please find the two attached Outlines for details.


This offer is open until the end of January 2019 and after that the Japan Pediatric Society can begin the selection process.


Please submit the applications to the APPA Secretariat latest by January 31, 2019.


Thank you.


Kind regards,
Fairos Nazri, Executive Secretary, on behalf of the
APPA President, Dr. Aman Bakhti Pulungan & Dr. Ayu Utami, assistant to the APPA President.


Email: appa.kl.secretariat@gmail.com