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PPS Welcomes the 3rd International Developmental Pediatrics Association Congress in Manila

The Philippine Pediatric Society Inc. cordially welcomes all the delegates of the 3rd International Developmental Pediatrics Congress to our country.

This important event once again proves that the Philippines is truly a conducive hub for regional and international collaboration in education, training and advocacy in pediatrics and its related disciplines. And your presence today reiterates the respect and confidence of the global community to our capability to be a catalyst for improved healthcare delivery in this side of the world

Growth and development is an integral part of the evolution of every human being. Pediatric medicine is probably the only specialization trained and tasked to make sure that the transition from one stage to another is not only observed but more importantly preserved.

Developmental disorders have become a silent epidemic nationwide. From what was traditionally regarded as a “soft science” no longer exists in such a nebulous sphere. As modern medicine unearths biologic mechanisms to explain developmental disorders anchored on anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pathology “harder” evidence are now available to bridge this gap to make concepts factual.

This global initiative to involve multiple disciplines to address developmental disorders has resulted in considerable improvement in the long-term outcomes of children afflicted with them. Their unique plight from being considered “special children” must now assure society that it can take of them as “adults with special needs and in special circumstances”.

I believe that gatherings of experts like this is a step towards that direction. I laud all local, regional and international experts who have selflessly shared competence, commitment and capability to make this conference an opportunity to expand horizons of care available to individuals challenged with developmental disorders.

In behalf of the Philippine Pediatric Society Inc., allow me to  express my sincerest felicitations to the Organizing Committee of the 3rd International Developmental Pediatrics Congress as well as the Philippine Society for Developmental Pediatrics for courageously crafting a multi-layered, multi-sectoral and multi-faceted congress intended to explore, experience and expedite improved standards of care and make the future a more friendly environment for these treasured children.

On the side, take time to see what our country has to offer. You are near the capital and one of the oldest cities in the Philippines – Manila and this venue, the Philippine International Conventional Center is a historical landmark situated in a massive complex celebrating Filipino ingenuity and talent.

You can take a day tour a city walk in the walled city of Intramuros and relive the history of our country. You may go out of Manila to nearby suburbs to enjoy natural landscapes like volcanoes, mountain ridges and hot springs. Or better yet hop on a plane and take a local flight to Cebu, Davao, Bicol or Ilocos provinces and see the beauty nature has gifted the Philippines with.

I am confident that with the impressive line up of topics and speakers, the 3rd ISDP Congress will exceed its expectations and become one of the successful editions of your esteemed scientific gatherings.

Again, welcome to the Philippines!

PPS President , Dr Salvacion R. Gatchalian , delivered the Welcome Remarks at the Opening Ceremonies of the 3rd International Developmental Pediatrics Association Congress  held at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay. This is hosted by the Philippine Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics( PSDBP )  . The Congress is scheduled  from December 9 – 12 ,2019. https://manilaidpacongress.org