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Request for Nominees for the PMA Outstanding Professional of the year Award


Warmest Greetings!

Every year the PMA has been requested by the Professional Regulation Commission to submit nominees for the Outstanding Professional of the Year Award. The award is given in recognition of the achievements and services of professionals who excelled in their respective fields of professional endeavor during their career. This is the highest award that could be conferred upon to a professional by the PRC.

In relation to this, may we request your society to submit nominee/s for the selection of this particular award.

General Criteria:

1. Must be a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines;
2. Must be duly registered with the PRC whose professional identification card is current;
3. Must be of good moral character and a member in good standing of the Accredited
Professional Organization (APO);
4. Must have no pending administrative case with the PRC or with any of the courts for
criminal/civil offense or charges;
5. Must not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude.
6. Must not be an officer or director of the national organization of APO for at least
one (1) year prior to the awards;
7. Must not be an incumbent member of the Professional Regulatory Board nor an official
or employee of the PRC; and
8. Must not be a past awardee of the PRC except for another profession to which he/she
is duly registered.

Detailed Criteria:

1. Amply demonstrated professional competence of the highest degree and conducted
herself/himself with integrity in the exercise of his/her profession;
2. Participated meaningfully in professional activities through the professional
3. Contributed significantly to the advancement of the profession; and
4. Contributed significantly to the effective discharge of the profession’s social
responsibility through meaningful contribution/participation in socio-civic related

We would appreciate receiving the name/s of your nominees on or before November 24. Each nominee shall submit nine (9) copies of the following documents:

1. Nomination Form accompanied by comprehensive curriculum vitae printed in a white
bond paper 8 ½ x 13 and shall not exceed twenty pages and should be submitted in white
folder with ring binder; 2×2 formal photo with white background (dpi 300 resolution and
must have been taken not more than six (6) month. Nomination form will follow to be sent
to your respective nominees.
2. Current NBI and Ombudsman Clearance
3. Photo copy of the nominee’s PRC Identification Card
4. Proposed Citation for each nominee

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Secretary General