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Task Force on Mental Health Modules


In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS) Task Force on Mental Health for Children and Youth in cooperation with the Philippine Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists (PSCAP) and the Philippine Psychiatric Association (PPA) present a module for Pediatricians in Training and in Practice called Project REACH starting this May 2021 via PPS-PSCAP TASK FORCE ON MENTAL HEALTH Facebook Page.

To access the module, pls register through this link:


I. Task Force on Mental Health Course Introduction

Francis Xavier Dimalanta, FPPS, FPSDBP



II. The Pediatrician Coping With the Psychosocial Impact of Covid 19

Robert Buenaventura, MD, FPPA


III. Screening Tools PHQ9 & GAD

Jacqueline O Navarro, MD, FPPS, FPSDBP

IV. COVID 19 and Mental Health Psychosocial Processing for Pediatricians

Rhodora Andrea M. Concepcion, MD, FPPA, FPSCAP

V. Stress in the Workplace During Covid 19

Vanessa Kathleen Cainghug, MD, FPPA, FPSCAP

VI. Action Plan TFMHP

Francis Xavier Dimalanta, FPPS, FPSDBP