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Undergraduate Pediatric Education Curriculum Committee

Welcome to the PPS-Undergraduate Pediatric Education Curriculum Committee (UPECC) Page!

The PPS-UPECC was created in 2000 under the Council on Training and Continuing Pediatric Education (now the Council on Continuing Professional Development) during the presidency of Dr. Carmelo A. Alfiler. The inaugural committee was composed of Dr. Perla D. Santos Ocampo (chair), Dr. Esperanza F. Rivera (vice-chair), and the department chairs of the five original medical schools as members (Dr. Reynaldo B. de Vega of FEU-NRMF, Dr. Elvira M. Abreu of MCU-FDTMF, Dr. Josefina C. Resurreccion of UERMMMC, Dr. Carmelo A. Alfiler of UP-PGH, and Dr. Miguel L. Noche, Jr. of USTH). Dr. Ramon L. Arcadio, then president of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC), was also appointed member of this committee.

The sole function of UPECC is to develop innovative and sustainable programs that will enhance the teaching and practice of Pediatrics in the undergraduate years ensuring strong foundation in knowledge and skills for the future general practitioner and pediatric specialist/subspecialist. This is PPS own way of helping medical schools inculcate the must-knows and must-dos of Philippine Pediatrics and prepare their graduates better for the medical boards and as future clinicians handling newborns, infants, children and adolescents.

Through time, UPECC has (1) produced several versions of a core syllabus (A Curriculum for Undergraduate Pediatric Education for Philippine Medical Schools, print edition in 2001, an edited e-copy in 2009, and the latest e-copy edition in 2013); (2) introduced guidelines in the teaching and practice of Pediatrics in medical schools relevant to the Philippine setting by way of seminars and workshops; (3) studied other strategies/mechanisms by which Philippine Pediatrics can be promoted in a proactive manner as early as in the undergraduate years (teaching CD modules in cooperation with PPS subspecialty societies and sections, Q&A fora with APMC-accredited medical schools pediatric department chairs during PPS annual conventions), and; (4) monitored and evaluated periodically the effectiveness and relevance of the above activities via feedbacks from sessions/fora participants, teachers and learners.

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Chair, PPS-UPECC, 2002-present
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