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61st PPS Pre-Convention Registration

Pre-Convention Registration Workflow

1. Initiate Registration:
– Navigate to the PPS pre-convention webpage below

2. Determine Registration Category:
– Opt for one of the available registration categories:
– For an individual
– For a group

3. Provide Required Details:
– Accurately fill in the registration form with all necessary information.

4. Select How to Pay:
– Choose your method of payment from the options below:
          1. Payment previously made at the PPS office
          2. Payment previously made via the payment portal
          3. Payment made via Paymongo

5. Proceed with Payment (if needed):
– If opting for immediate online payment, follow through with the provided payment instructions.

6. Await Confirmation:
– Upon payment completion, expect a confirmation email.
– Confirmation processing may take between 24 to 48 hours.

7. Portal Account Requirement:
– Ensure you have an existing account on the PPS portal to update your payment status. If not, register at PPS Portal https://portal.pps.org.ph

8. Completion of Registration:
– With that, your registration for the pre-convention event is finalized. Stay tuned for further instructions or information regarding the event.

Note: Please make the payment first using the button below before registering for the Pre-Convention. Take a screenshot as proof of your payment.

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